Missing the past


I have posted pictures that were taken in the past😂 because I miss my friends so much😂

I took this photo when we went to Yuigahama in Kanagawa prefecture. By the way, this photo was taken by gopro and I love the way we are taken by this camera📷  

After this, we did BBQ🍖 and swam😆💪🏻

We often go traveling on holiday or weekend, so I am so sorry I cannot go traveling with them this year… 

We have been to Osaka prefecture, Kanagawa prefecture, and Bali island in Indonesia😋 I really am looking forward to travel with them again.

Sweet Memory


I sometimes recall last summar. I was really busy in the season because I had to prepare for studying in America, besides I went to the training camp for my seminer.

I took this picture in Nagano prefecture. This shrine is called Suwa Taisha.

There was a really big tree that has exsisted for 1000 years. 

This training camp was really hard. We had to research “Republic” written by Plato. But the camp became a really precious memory. 

After the camp, we went to the shrine and ate some Japanese foods. 

It was just 5 days before I leave Japan, so I remember I was nervous😭

Awesome friends

Good evening!

 I just read the letters from my friends. I received them on the airport when I left Japan. 

Although I decided to study abroad on my own, I was really nervous and afraid of studying in America.

 I read these letters on the airplane, and I could not stop crying. Cabin attendants of ANA were surprised due to I was crying😂

It has been about 3 months since I came to America, and I sometimes read these letters again to cheer me up! 

I think letters are more heart warming than any other presents. I really love my friends in my university, and I cannot wait to see them again!

X’mas break’s plan

Hello! I am going to talk about my plan of X’mas break✌🏻️ 

As I wrote about New York previous article, I will go to New York after the end of class.  

After that, I am planning to go to Houston!!!! I have watched Armageddon on Netflix recently, I am eager to go to NASA!

However I heard it takes about 7 hours to get there from Russellville😭😭😭 I will go there though! Because my time in America is limited!!  

My aim in the U.S. is to travel at least 6 states! I have already visited Arkansas, Tennessee, and I will go to New York and Texas!! 


Hello there! I am going to talk about a week after the end of classes! 

Yes! I will go to New York with my Japasese friend!!!  

I have wanted to go there since I entered the university in Japan, but it costs about 1500 dollars from Japan. Since I am in the U.S. now, I decided to head there finally!!!!!! 

We are going to watch Aladdin at the broadway! And I have heard about Japasese restaurant called Ootoya exsists in New York, I want to eat real Japasese meal😂😂😂 

Before the fantastic trip, I have to get over a bunch of exams…😭😭😭 I will do my best💪🏻

Movie Night

Good evening💫 I went to UEC theatres to watch “Fantastic Beasts“. 

This movie is related to the story of Harry Potter. I have watched the story since I was in elementary school! So I have been looking forward to watch this movie😆

Also, I love Eddie Redmayne! And I was surprised that Johnny Depp acts in this movie.  

It was the first time to watch movie without subtitles, and Eddie spoke British English, so I could not understand partially…😭 

But I could get the outline. It was really good story. I was exciting and I think this story will continue..😆 

It was really nice Monday✌🏻️💖

Extra Credit #2

Modern journalism, challenges, quality publications, fake news and partisan news

Modern Journalism

Modern journalism has changed due to a development of internet technologies. In old days, only senders such as newspaper companies and radio stations could tell important information no matter what the information is biased or not. However, since internet technologies have developed, receivers like us became to be able to disseminate information what we found.


 It became easier to send written news or information with other media such as pictures, video, audio, and programming. It is called “multimedia”, and modern journalists try to make these news easy to understand to audience.



These days we exchange a bunch of information each other. Because of that, there are also a lot of biased or fake information. When the huge earthquake occurred in Japan, someone who lives in a location of a disaster posted a tweet like “there is a person under the rubble! Help him!” with a photo of the person, but after rescue workers went there, no one was there. In fact, the tweet was a lie. There are many fake information or misunderstandings when the earthquake happened. We live in a convenient era; we can talk to our family whenever we want to, and we can share the feelings on SNS, but due to the era, we have to learn media literacy; we must consider about what true information is.

 In addition, internet technologies make people search information only what they want to know. I think it can be a challenge of modern journalism because people will never know another aspect of news. If people get information by using only an internet, they are going to get biased news or misunderstand the true information.


Therefore, we need skills of reading many types of media not only internet information but also newspaper, articles, magazines, comics, radio and television. These skills are essential to live this era. We have to read, compare, analyze, think, and evaluate, so we can be a good sender of true information. We also need other knowledge such as art, politics, music, economics and so on.


Fake News

 As I said before, I think fake news are easily created on SNS, and this article says that teenagers often produce fake news.


 SNS has a huge impact to people. I think fake news are created by misunderstanding sometimes. All users of SNS can repost or share others’ information, and we all have various opinions. One biased information or someone’s idea is shared by friends and others repeatedly. People think the opinion as “fake information” or “lie”. I guess fake news are not created intentionally, but we have to consider about the risk of to trust information without doubt.

Partisan News

 Partisan news are biased new or information which has partisanship. I think journalism should be neutral, but I have heard some news about Second World War. Japanese army forced Korean women work as “Comfort Girl”. It means these women had to work as a prostitute. At first, Japanese newspaper companies told this is a historical fact, however, they found out this information is partially wrong. Many Japanese people think like “Our military did a terrible thing” still now.

 Moreover, when the huge earthquake happened on March 11th 2011 in Japan, some nuclear power plants were broken. Because of that, several TV stations created biased TV programs such as “Japanese people suffer from thyroid cancer due to the nuclear incident.” I think there is no evidence, and it is dangerous to judge like this information is true. We need to learn other basic knowledge including medical information and scientific knowledge.

X’mas decoration

Hello there! I just decorated a X’mas tree in my friend’s house.

This is really pretty..☺️💖 

I do not decorate a X’mas tree in Japan because my parents do not want to pick out a tree from a warehouse every year😞 So I just decorated a tree when I was 5years old😞 I want to do this every year though😞

The mother of my friend asked me to write “Merry X’mas” in Japasese, and I wrote this in Katakana

I feel sad that I cannot spend X’mas with my family this year😞 Many international friend asked me that if I eat KFC in X’mas or not😂 The answer is Yes!😂 But my mother has cooked a turkey recently.

Umm…I miss my family badly😂😂

Thanks giving

Hello. I ate Thanks giving dinner in my American friend’s house. There were a big turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, and some vegetables.

I have heard that American people usually eat a turkey with cranberry source, and there was cranberry source, but I could not eat them because it is strange for me😂 

After we ate dinner, my friend and I made an applepie! We used Cinnabon’s dough as the crust!

In Japan, we have a holiday like Thanks giving called “Osho-gatsu“. We eat traditional meals called “Osechi” and celebrate New Year. 

 It really was good experience I could eat American traditional meals.


Hi there! I went to Cove Creek to hike a mountain yesterday.

It was cloudy and really cold😵❄️ But the more I moved my body, the more I got warm. And there are beautiful landscapes. Leaves are getting red. I wish it was sunny yesterday…😂

We climbed the way called Devi’s Den. It was crowded road and we lost the way sometime😂😂😂 

It was the first time to climb a mountain in the U.S. so I really enjoyed a nature🍁🍁I want to try to climb Mt. Nebo next time🍁🍁 

My American friend invited me for Thanks Giving dinner! I really am looking forward it!!