Wall climbing

Hello. I’m going to talk about wall climbing today!(we call ‘rock climbing’ in Japan)


We went to ‘The Wall’. It is near Arkansas Tech University.

I haven’t experienced wall climbing even in Japan.  It was so hard to climbing the wall and I could not climb more than three rocks.

In Japan, wall climbing became popular and there are many climbing gyms in the metropolitan area.

After climbed the wall,  I had muscular pain on my body. But I thought that it is really good workout for me.  And the gym’s  instructors were so handsome, so I decided to go there regularly.

Tech Life


Hello. I’m going to talk about Tech life so far(I should have posted this article at first).

Tech is larger than I thought and I can not remember where classrooms are even now…  I can feel nature here and my friend told me that ‘I saw a squirrel today!’. I’m jealous  because I haven’t seen a squirrel but we can see squirrels in Tokyo.

Classes began last week and I could not understand what professors said because they speak so fast, so I’m nervous about getting credits.(Actually, I use a recorder every classes)  However I’m so glad that I could take classes which I can not take in Japan, especially art class and Broadcast Practicum.

By the way, I took this picture by iPhone, not single lens reflex camera! This campus is so beautiful. I’m happy I can study in this lovely campus.

Luau Party!

Alpha 🌺_5

Hello! I’m Risako.

I went to Luau party on Friday. There were a lot of Hawaian meals and I played with kids! I like Hawaian foods so much and I ate them a lot!

There was also another festival (I don’t remember the name…) and we took a picture with cheerleaders! I don’t have a chance to take pictures with cheerleaders in Japan because they seldome dance at  my university(I don’t know why).

In Japan, Cheerleaders always tie their hair in a pony tail, so I thought American cheerleaders are so pretty personally. That was like Taylor Swift’s video, so I want to show the pictures to my Japanese friends.