Hello. I’m going to talk about hotpot today.

Hotpot is really famous in China, Korea and Japan. Japasese people often eat it in the winter season. The ingredients are Chinese cabbage, tofu, spring onion and some kinds of meats. And you can choose a flavor like spicy taste or soy sauce taste. 

This is a kind of hotpot in Korea. It was really hot and delicious.

The stuff that is picked up by chopsticks is a leg of a chicken…😨

I really miss hotpot. I will go to NewYork during X’mas break, so I will try some Hotpot restaurants.  And I turn 21 years old in December, so I will drink a lot defenitely!🍻



I went to zumba class last Tuesday. 

I did not know what zumba is, but it was very nice dance for exercise, refreshment and fun. 

Zumba is like Hiphop dance, but it mixes some movements of Latin. We made our bottoms move quickly😂 I love this dance! (click here to watch video of zumba)

I did not take any sports class in Tech so far, so it became a good experience. 

Binh and I will go to the class three times a week by the way😂💖  I will lose my weight definitely!!! I don’t want my frinds and family say “You got fat because you were in America”.😠😠😠

General Store


I went to Cracker Barrel Old Country Store yesterday! There were a lot of lovely goods.

And the store had a big X’mas tree already😂💖🎅🏻 

I bought a mug and goat milk hand cream. I did not have any mugs so far, so I made coffee or soup by Tech’s plastic tumbler…

There were also a lot of Halloween goods. I can not see such general goods in Japan because Halloween is not popular. So I was exiting even just looking around.

I felt the autumn season is coming! I hate the summer season because there are mosquitos and many bugs😠 And I sweat a lot. I can not wait Halloween anyway!

My favorite

Good evening💫 I’m going to talk about my favorite singer. 

This is Jess Glynne. She is from UK.

I found her last winter on AWA.(This is really good application!!!Try it!)

I’m falling love with her voice. Her famous songs are “Rather be” and ” Hold my hands”. But I love “Ain’t got far to go” it’s not popular. Lyrics of this song are great. It’s about her dream, her dream is about to fulfill. 

I listened to this song when I got a chance  to study in the U.S. So I could understand her feelings deeply…

Unfortunately, she holds a concert only in europian countries…😭 But I will meet her someday absolutely!!!


Hello! I’m going to talk about “Mooncake festival” last Thursday.

I heard it is to celebrate the “fullmoon”. We ate mooncake (to be honest, it was not good…)

We drew some pictures on lanterns. This festival was totally pretty. We don’t celebrate the fullmoon in Japan, so it was new experience to me and good chance to understand other culture.
After the festival, we went watching movie “Finding Dory“.

It was outside movie, so I had some mosquito bites😂😂😂

I have not watched this movie, but  it was so nice. (Actually, I couldn’t understand what characters said sometimes…)  

Pixar’s CG skills are incredible. All of scenes were like real images!!

I hope outside movie is held in autumn!😂🎃

Chinese meals

Hello! I went to Chinese restaurant “Wind Taste” yesterday. 

I have eaten junk food such as humburgers, pizza and sandwitches so far. So I yearn to eat fried rice or dumplings because they are similar Japasese foods.

This fried dumpling was so good. We ate it with garlic source. 

I went to Wind Taste with my Japasese friends and all of them were impressed by the dishes😍😍😍 I decided to go there once a week👌🏻💖 I’ll try all of the menus.

Japan has a lot of Chinese restaurant and I often went to “Bamiyan“. I can eat ramen there🍜 Oh…I miss my country..😂💖

TV show

Hello! I took broadcast class yesterday. I’m going to talk about that.

I had been excited to take this class before I have come to Tech because one of my friend who has been in Tech took the class and I saw some pictures about this class! It seemed so fun and I can’t take this class in Japan, so I decided to take the class.

My first role was to control the device of audio. There were a lot of buttons, so I couldn’t understand which buttons I should push…😂 

The second role was a cameraman. It was so easy and I was just standing in front of the camera😂

This class might be fun! I want to get used to do every roles.