ART Class

Hello. I’m going to talk about art class today!

I’ve liked drawing pictures since 3 or 4 years old. I always drew pictures on textbooks…

When I decide the university, I wanted go to a college of art, but my parents stopped me and told that ‘There are a lot of talented people in a college of art, so you had better go to a common college’ and ‘Drawing should be one of  hobby not a job’. I was convinced at that time.

But now, I am in Tech and I could take art class. I appreciate to get a chance to take the class. I thought that I cannot give up my dream after all(my dream is workig at Pixar!), so I’m going to think about my future while taking art class.


These are my works!  I have no time to draw pictures in Japan because I have so much assignments of my seminar… so I used to look the website of artworks. It is called ‘pixiv’.

Anyway, I’ll do my best in this semester!


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