Vintage clothing


I went to “Goodwill“(the vintage clothing store) some days ago.

Generally, vintage clothes are expensive in Japan. If you bought 1 sweater, it would be 10 dollars or more😞 But here in America, I can buy a sweater less than 4 dollars🙄 So I couldn’t stop shopping.

They are what I bought. The sum is 16 dollars…😍 I would go to Goodwill once a week.

My Japasese friends are so stylish, so I want to buy many clothes for their souvenir!🎁

I heard that Goodwill has some shops in Little Rock, so I really want to go to other shops.

I wish I could buy vintage clothes on-line in America😂 I often use Japasese on-line shop. It is so useful! 


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