Without a cellphone

Hello! I’m going to talk about the day I spent without a cellphone.

I started the 24 hours on Thursday night. First, I didn’t feel that it is hard for me✌🏻️🙄 I woke up 9:30 am and took art class. The class finished 12:50 and when I was on the way to Cafe, I turned on my phone unconsciously…😂 I noticed that and I turned off it again. So I wrote down the schedule with my friend😂 Like “3:00 gym” and “5:30 Cafe”. 

Most of time in my dorm, I sang many songs😆💖 and slept. Then, I went to a church to play basketball and volleyball.

I came back from a church at 9:30 pm and this assignment finishes at 11:30 pm… I felt that I am addicted to a cellphone because I was annoying that I couldn’t listen to music, text my friend or family and take pictures…

This assignment became my good experience. I thought that a media is what we use, we must not be used by a media. We should have conversation each other not on-line.I want to cherish directly relationships.

☝🏻️This is a warning about using cellphones while walking in Japan.



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