Shopping in Walmart

Hi! I’m going to talk about last Saturday!

Fortunately, I don’t have a roommate✌🏻️💖 I can sleep comfortably and study calmly.

There is one problem though. I’m an exchange student, so I couldn’t bring a refrigerator or a microwave. I thought that my roommate will bring them, but she decided to live off campus!😭 I can’t eat cup noodle and drink cold coke without them…😩

Thus, I bought a refrigerator finally. It cost about 60 dollars. It’s cheeper than I thought. I love shopping in Walmart because I can buy everything that I need and they are really cheep!😂💗

The decoration is also nice💖🎃 Japasese supermarkets are simple. They’re not like Walmart.

I want the weather more cooler! I can’t wait Helloween and X’mas!🎃⭐️🎅🏻


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