Birthday Party

Hello〜. I’m going to talk about one Japasese guy’s birthday party on last Friday.

He turned 28 years old…😱 Many international students came to his party, and sang many songs.(Some of them were not good at singing) It was like a club👯

We played some cards games and ate a cake! I bought a cake in Wal-Mart🎂 But at first, I was planing to buy cake in the cake place. They have a lot of cute cakes and we also design cakes!  Since I do not have time to design a cake, I bought it in Wal-Mart.

To celebrate someone makes me happy, and I thought Birthday party is always wondaful💖🎂

Trick or Treat!!🎃

Hi! I went to halloween party in a church today.  This party was held in a parking lot. Kids walked around and said “Trick or Treat!” They wore diverse types of clothes  like pokemon and m&m.  

We took a position of crafts😂

Many children came to us and colored bags and pictures.

Watching a lot of costumes was really fun.

I wore a costume of jorker last year.

It is Universal Studio Japan. We got on the train with these costumes, and many people looked us… In America, every one enjoy their costumes and it is really good thing. Anyway, I’m going to enjoy tomorrow’s party in Tech!

Baby Shower

Hello! I went to baby shower yesterday with my friends.

We brought some clothes of a baby, and there were some lovely kids.  

I thought baby shower is good culture of America.I did not know this culture until I came to America. We do not held events like this in Japan, so I decided to do this when I give birth to a child👼🏻 It is good thing to share happiness to have a child.

Besides, I met and spoke a lot of children yesterday, so it is kind of tired but I thought children can bring energy to me 🙂 

Fall Break vol.3

Hi〜! I’m going to talk about Candy Kitchen in Nashville. I have heard the name, but never been there.

It was like Honeydukes Shop in Harry Potter. 

These are apples covered by chocolate or caramel, I thought they are not good, but they were really tasty!!!🍫🍫

Employees in this store made a lot of candies, and tiny trains carried them🍬🍬🍬 They were really cute.

And also these decorations are pretty.

This store was like I was in the world of Harry Potter😂💖 I envy American people because they can go to such a lovely store. I can’t go to those store unless I go to Disney land or Universal Studio.

Fall Break vol.2

Hi! I’m going to talk about “Rainforest Cafe” in Nashville! (It is in Opry Mills Mall)I knew this restaurant on SNS. My friends went there, and I was eager to go there too.

Meals in this restaurant are little expensive but they are really delicious.

There were a lot of animals such as an elephant, tigers, and snakes. They roared every 30 minutes.(Actually it was noisy…)

This restaurant exists in some states in the U.S. I cannot go to a such restaurant in Japan, so I was really glad I could make it😂💖 It was like I was in Disney world😂 

Fall Break vol.1

Hi! I am going to talk about my fall break!!! It was so nice break.

We went to Nashville!💖 Arkansas is the first state I have been to in the U.S. so I was impressed when I watch the downtown. 

This is Historic Broadway. I love this town because I love listening to music. But I decided to go there again when I turned 21. We could not enter most of bars😂 Even I told “I just listen to music”😠

There were some sophisticated buildings. Since I lived in city side of Japan, I recalled my town. But when I came back to Arkansas, I felt like “oh.. this is my home…” 😂😂😂💖

Pumpkin Patch

Hello〜! I went to Pumpkin Patch about two weeks ago.(Pumpkin again…)

Before we went there, we ate donuts at Shipley Do-Nuts.I really love this donut.😂💖

It took about 1 hour to get there. I spent 6 dollars and I could take one pumpkin! Also I could ride a truck to look around.

I have experienced a lot of Pumpkin things so far… We do not have such culture in Japan. I am looking forward to curve it again🤔💗 

I was surprised that sunflowers bloom in October.  They bloom in August in Japan.

Anyway, I was glad I could see the flowers.