Carve a pumpkin🎃

Hello:) I’m going to talk about carving a pumpkin today!

My friends went to Pumpkin Festival on Friday. I could not go there due to another appointment unfortunatelly:( So they gave me a pumpkin to carve. 

Carving…(It took a long time than I thought and it made me hungry…)

Ta-dah!!!!🎃  It was my first time. Japasese don’t have culture of Halloween but some of them wear some weird costumes.  Especially in Shibuya, there are mass people. I won’t go to Shibuya on October 31 defenitely…

It was a good experience and I let my Japasese friends show the picture:)Haha I carved very good I think✌🏻️💗 

I’m looking forward American Halloween💗 


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