My babies

Hi〜! I’m going to talk about my babies! I mean, my dogs!haha 

I have three dogs.

The oldest one is pomeranian. 

He is 13 years old actually…His name is Poo. My father just told me that he suffered from hernia😭 This is too bad😂 I want to care for him but I can’t😭😭😭😭
The second one is

shetland sheepdog! Her name is Porco. She is 1 year old😂 My family got her from a breeder last year. But porco and poo always fight.

The third one is 

yes! Golden retriever! His name is Rich.

He is 9 years old. He is a lazy dog🐶

I just read this article today. They are my family but they don’t live as long as a human.  It’s so sad and I’ve thought about life of animals recently because Poo’s life span is about to finish. 

I just hope he survives untill I go back to Japan.

By the way, this is too cute😂


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