pretty shot


My friend called me a dinner in Stoby’s on last Wednesday! I thought I was on my way to Stoby’s, but I noticed that I’m heading to  Arby’s OMG😂

Yes, I was confused by these names😂😂 In addition I went there on foot, so I walked at least 3 miles👯👯👯

On my way to Stoby’s, I saw a beautiful landscape. 

I was moved by this😂💖 

And after I walked hard,

I ate this one💗☝🏻️ This is sooo good🍔😆
I can see pretty landscapes in Japan also, but I think there are some diffeiences between my country and other countries.I can not explain well though😂

This is my favorite shot in Japan🌸 Cherry Blossoms are blooming💖


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