Missing the past


I have posted pictures that were taken in the past😂 because I miss my friends so much😂

I took this photo when we went to Yuigahama in Kanagawa prefecture. By the way, this photo was taken by gopro and I love the way we are taken by this camera📷  

After this, we did BBQ🍖 and swam😆💪🏻

We often go traveling on holiday or weekend, so I am so sorry I cannot go traveling with them this year… 

We have been to Osaka prefecture, Kanagawa prefecture, and Bali island in Indonesia😋 I really am looking forward to travel with them again.

Sweet Memory


I sometimes recall last summar. I was really busy in the season because I had to prepare for studying in America, besides I went to the training camp for my seminer.

I took this picture in Nagano prefecture. This shrine is called Suwa Taisha.

There was a really big tree that has exsisted for 1000 years. 

This training camp was really hard. We had to research “Republic” written by Plato. But the camp became a really precious memory. 

After the camp, we went to the shrine and ate some Japanese foods. 

It was just 5 days before I leave Japan, so I remember I was nervous😭