Missing the past


I have posted pictures that were taken in the past😂 because I miss my friends so much😂

I took this photo when we went to Yuigahama in Kanagawa prefecture. By the way, this photo was taken by gopro and I love the way we are taken by this camera📷  

After this, we did BBQ🍖 and swam😆💪🏻

We often go traveling on holiday or weekend, so I am so sorry I cannot go traveling with them this year… 

We have been to Osaka prefecture, Kanagawa prefecture, and Bali island in Indonesia😋 I really am looking forward to travel with them again.

Sweet Memory


I sometimes recall last summar. I was really busy in the season because I had to prepare for studying in America, besides I went to the training camp for my seminer.

I took this picture in Nagano prefecture. This shrine is called Suwa Taisha.

There was a really big tree that has exsisted for 1000 years. 

This training camp was really hard. We had to research “Republic” written by Plato. But the camp became a really precious memory. 

After the camp, we went to the shrine and ate some Japanese foods. 

It was just 5 days before I leave Japan, so I remember I was nervous😭

Awesome friends

Good evening!

 I just read the letters from my friends. I received them on the airport when I left Japan. 

Although I decided to study abroad on my own, I was really nervous and afraid of studying in America.

 I read these letters on the airplane, and I could not stop crying. Cabin attendants of ANA were surprised due to I was crying😂

It has been about 3 months since I came to America, and I sometimes read these letters again to cheer me up! 

I think letters are more heart warming than any other presents. I really love my friends in my university, and I cannot wait to see them again!

X’mas break’s plan

Hello! I am going to talk about my plan of X’mas break✌🏻️ 

As I wrote about New York previous article, I will go to New York after the end of class.  

After that, I am planning to go to Houston!!!! I have watched Armageddon on Netflix recently, I am eager to go to NASA!

However I heard it takes about 7 hours to get there from Russellville😭😭😭 I will go there though! Because my time in America is limited!!  

My aim in the U.S. is to travel at least 6 states! I have already visited Arkansas, Tennessee, and I will go to New York and Texas!! 


Hello there! I am going to talk about a week after the end of classes! 

Yes! I will go to New York with my Japasese friend!!!  

I have wanted to go there since I entered the university in Japan, but it costs about 1500 dollars from Japan. Since I am in the U.S. now, I decided to head there finally!!!!!! 

We are going to watch Aladdin at the broadway! And I have heard about Japasese restaurant called Ootoya exsists in New York, I want to eat real Japasese meal😂😂😂 

Before the fantastic trip, I have to get over a bunch of exams…😭😭😭 I will do my best💪🏻

Movie Night

Good evening💫 I went to UEC theatres to watch “Fantastic Beasts“. 

This movie is related to the story of Harry Potter. I have watched the story since I was in elementary school! So I have been looking forward to watch this movie😆

Also, I love Eddie Redmayne! And I was surprised that Johnny Depp acts in this movie.  

It was the first time to watch movie without subtitles, and Eddie spoke British English, so I could not understand partially…😭 

But I could get the outline. It was really good story. I was exciting and I think this story will continue..😆 

It was really nice Monday✌🏻️💖

X’mas decoration

Hello there! I just decorated a X’mas tree in my friend’s house.

This is really pretty..☺️💖 

I do not decorate a X’mas tree in Japan because my parents do not want to pick out a tree from a warehouse every year😞 So I just decorated a tree when I was 5years old😞 I want to do this every year though😞

The mother of my friend asked me to write “Merry X’mas” in Japasese, and I wrote this in Katakana

I feel sad that I cannot spend X’mas with my family this year😞 Many international friend asked me that if I eat KFC in X’mas or not😂 The answer is Yes!😂 But my mother has cooked a turkey recently.

Umm…I miss my family badly😂😂