X’mas decoration

Hello there! I just decorated a X’mas tree in my friend’s house.

This is really pretty..☺️💖 

I do not decorate a X’mas tree in Japan because my parents do not want to pick out a tree from a warehouse every year😞 So I just decorated a tree when I was 5years old😞 I want to do this every year though😞

The mother of my friend asked me to write “Merry X’mas” in Japasese, and I wrote this in Katakana

I feel sad that I cannot spend X’mas with my family this year😞 Many international friend asked me that if I eat KFC in X’mas or not😂 The answer is Yes!😂 But my mother has cooked a turkey recently.

Umm…I miss my family badly😂😂

Thanks giving

Hello. I ate Thanks giving dinner in my American friend’s house. There were a big turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, and some vegetables.

I have heard that American people usually eat a turkey with cranberry source, and there was cranberry source, but I could not eat them because it is strange for me😂 

After we ate dinner, my friend and I made an applepie! We used Cinnabon’s dough as the crust!

In Japan, we have a holiday like Thanks giving called “Osho-gatsu“. We eat traditional meals called “Osechi” and celebrate New Year. 

 It really was good experience I could eat American traditional meals.


Hi there! I went to Cove Creek to hike a mountain yesterday.

It was cloudy and really cold😵❄️ But the more I moved my body, the more I got warm. And there are beautiful landscapes. Leaves are getting red. I wish it was sunny yesterday…😂

We climbed the way called Devi’s Den. It was crowded road and we lost the way sometime😂😂😂 

It was the first time to climb a mountain in the U.S. so I really enjoyed a nature🍁🍁I want to try to climb Mt. Nebo next time🍁🍁 

My American friend invited me for Thanks Giving dinner! I really am looking forward it!!

Which Wich

Hello〜! This fall semester is going to finish, so I have to use a meal plan a lot!!! 

I have eaten a lunch at Witch witch recently.

Ham & bacon is my favorite! I often add the tomato, red onions and the spinach. I used to choose honey mustard source, but   I prefer vinegar and ranch source😋 

I used to buy sandwitches at 7-eleven in Japan. Japasese sandwitches are little different. They have soft parts of breads, not baguette, and they are smaller than American one. But I loved it. 

Anyway, I will try every ingredients in Witch witch to spend my meal plan..😂

Day Trip

Hello there! I went to Fayetteville yesterday, and ate super delicious tacos!

I went to Con Quesos. This restaurant exists only in Fayetteville because it is not a chain store! 

I ate beaf&avocad taco and chiken taco! They really were tasty😂💖

After that, I went to a cat cafe called Purr Catfe. I did not think I have an allergy of cats, but after I touched cats, my face got itchy and I could not stop sneezing… 

I also went shopping in a mall and bought  some clothes at Forever21. 

It was very enjoyable trip! I defenitely will go to Con Quesos again!!!

Talent show

Hey! I performed on International Talent Show on Friday!

We danced Japasese traditional dance! It is called “So-ran Bushi” and based on the move of fishermen in Japan. We did making up as Kabuki. Everyone was surprised by our looking😂 

We practiced hard almost everyday and we thought we can get the first place,so we gonna get 300 dollars. But Nepali guys got one. Actually, they deserved the first place, they really were awesome. 

We are chagrin that we could not win the prize😭 But we really enjoyed global interaction😂💖 And I am glad that I could share Japasese culture!

My challenge

Hello! I’m going to talk about art class🎨

My professor of art class put my drawing on the wall of Norman Building. Mine is on the bottom of right line. I drew two points of perspective. It was a challenge for me because I have never drawn perspective. I have a bunch of reflection points, but the professor praised me😭💖 

Besides, I also drew my portrait.

I really enjoyed to draw a portrait. My favorite points are shadows and lips. But I drew my eyes too big… 

I do not have time of art class in this semester, so I want to enjoy and get over my weak points.